Fort Rammekens

Gepubliceerd op 19 mei 2023 om 17:48

Fort Rammekens claims to be the oldest seafort in Western Europe and it was built in 1547 by Donato de Boni di Pellizuoli.

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Fort Rammekens is located between an industrial area and a nature reserve. On one side you look at the factories of Vlissingen-Oost and on the other side you can walk in a beautiful nature reserve or enjoy walking on the beach.

As a child I often went there to walk with my parents and the dog.

You can also walk and cycle over the dike. Especially in the summer there are many people who cycle or take a walk there. I am not a person who likes to sunbathe on the beach. But walking in that area is beautiful and calming. 

I hope you will enjoy the photos.


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