Welcome to my website!

Let me introduce myself. My name is difficult to write and to pronounce ,so I have made it easier for you: NtiniC.

I live in the Netherlands and my passions are photography and painting.

This website is about my photography, paintings and my journey through life and spirituality.

In 2020 I was painting with my children and I noticed that I really enjoyed it. I started to look for more information to learn more about different techniques, different types of paint and mediums. Painting became a passion.

When I tried to make photos of it, it was hard to get the colors right on the photo. I didn't knew much about photography, so  I took a course. My mom gave me my  father's camera, a Nikon. After practicing with an DSLR camera, I also found out that I liked photography as well, and it became my passion number 2.  I also have a Canon camera.

It's now 2024. Due to personal circumstances I don't paint or do something  with photography anymore. I hope to find a house soon, so I have the time  again to start again with my passions.

What I will do is keep a blog about my life journey, spirituality and personal growth. I will use my own photos that I have took before.

I hope you will have fun watching my creations amd find some love, comfort, strenght and light with 'My Journey'.

I send you love, light and positive energy.

Stay happy, healthy and safe,